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    CPVC Cable Extrusion Machine Line

    CPVC Cable Extrusion Machine Line
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    Qingdao HuaRunDe Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China cpvc cable extrusion machine line manufacturers equipped with professional factory, welcome to wholesale cheap cpvc cable extrusion machine line, CPVC cable extrusion machine machine from us.

    This production line consists of conical(parallel) double-screw extruder, vacuum sizing platform, tractor, cutting machine, stacker, etc. The conical(parallel) double-screw extruder and tractor adopts AC frequency control or British Euro DC speed regulator. Vacuum pump and tractor adopts high-quality products. Tractors can be devided into up and down pedrail, three-claw, four=claw, etc. in terms of thickness and diameter of the pipe. The cutter has two modes of cutting such as balde and planet type. Addtionally, metering device is equipped. The property of the production line is reliable and the output is high.

    In accordance with different requirements of the clients, the company will equip the extrusion line with special devices to form pipe production lines of inner-wall spiral pipes, inner hollow wall pipes and inner layer foaming pipes.

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