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    Parallel Twin Screw Extruder
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    Qingdao HuaRunDe Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China parallel twin screw extruder manufacturers equipped with professional factory, welcome to wholesale cheap parallel twin screw extruder, china plastic extrude for sale from us.

    Parallel twin-screw extruder is an efficient mixing, extrusion equipment. It consists of "00" type barrel and two mutually bonded to form the core components auger, while accompanied by the transmission system, control system, a special feeding system and the formation of extrusion granulation, molding and processing equipment. Screw and barrel using modular design principles, such processing according to the characteristics of materials, changing the length of the cylinder, choose different combinations of screw elements in order to achieve optimum operating conditions, the most effective process to adapt to the requirements of , to maximize their effectiveness; screw, cylinder design uses a "building block" structure ", there is a good interchangeability, according to the different materials processing technology, used in any combination to meet the different needs of customers; cylinder selection nitrided steel, bimetal, wear, corrosion and prolong life; threaded components used nitriding steel, high speed tool steel, curve using computer-aided design, with unique processing technology, thus ensuring the threaded section of law work the backlash, and good self-cleaning; connection specially designed to enhance the screw element gearing, spindle strength, the above measures to achieve a uniform dispersion of materials, mixing plastics good effect, material residence time is short, transport efficiency high yield.

    Parallel twin-screw extruder because it has good mixing, dispersing, dewatering and self-cleaning effect, avoid the material during extrusion axis package, knot wall, while the rotation of the screw material surface continuously updated, more conducive to volatilization anhydrate / solvent removal treatment, high speed dissolver, extrusion products, and other fields.

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