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    WPC Hollow Board Making Machine

    WPC Hollow Board Making Machine
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    Qingdao HuaRunDe Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China wpc hollow board making machine manufacturers equipped with professional factory, welcome to wholesale cheap wpc hollow board making machine, WPC hollow board extrusion machine from us.

    Board width: 1000-1220mm, Board thickness:2-20mm

    Technical Parameters

    1. SJSZ-92/188 conical twin screw extruder 1set

    Screw diameter: 92/188

    Material of the screw : 38CrMoALA

    Power of the main motor: 110kw (AC )

    Max output: 500-700kg/h

    Cooling mode of the screw: self-cooling by the internal circulation of the oil in the core

    Heating zones and power of the barrel : 7zones 36kw

    Cooling mode of the barrel: 0.25kw*3 0.37kw*1

    Electric parts/components: well-known brand : like OMORN, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER etc.

    2. ZDM-800 vacuum calibration table

    Power of the vacuum pump:5.5kw*2 7.5kw*2

    Power of the water pump : 4kw*1 2.2kw*1

    Length of the table :8000mm

    Max exhausting air: 180m³/h

    Adjusting mode of the calibration of the table : forward-backward movement by motor:2.2kw

    Up-down movement: by reducer (4 motor –driven )

    Left-right movement: by manual

    3. QYY-800 haul-off machine

    Max hauling force:50000N

    Max hauling speed: 0.1-3.5m/min

    Width of the belt: 1400mm

    effective length of the belt: 2800mm

    Clamping mode : pneumatic

    4. QGY-800cuting machine 1set

    Cutting direction of saw blade: horizontal

    Moving speed: 1.1kw from left to right

    Power of the cutting machine motor:2.2kw

    Max cutting length : (width*thickness): 800*65mm

    Diameter of the blade: 350mm

    Cutting time and moving length : 1-5sec, 0-500mm

    Type of the length calculating: digital meter

    Equipped with dust sucking device: 1.5kw blower, round bags

    5. stacker

    Power source of the stacker: cylinder power(4, 50*500)

    Device :6 stainless roller

    Applied air pressure: 2±0.5MPa

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